8K Solutions Awarded Golden PTZ by Longtime Partner Panasonic Connect

8K Solutions, developer of a suite of athletic coaching video solutions, recently received a Golden PTZ Camera Award from long-standing vendor partner Panasonic Connect North America. 8K Solutions uses Panasonic Connect pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras in its products.

“We focus on developing the best solutions to maximize practice and player development for elite teams, coaches and athletes, and Panasonic is among the solutions that make our platform the industry standard in professional and collegiate sports,” said Dan Aton, 8K Solutions CEO.

“Panasonic Connect listens to our needs and those of our customers. We are proud to be recognized by them.”

8K Solutions uses PTZ cameras for its mastRcam mobile camera systems, which capture high-angle footage while allowing operators to remain safely on the ground. The company also integrates practice facility and stadium cameras operated in networked control rooms. 8K Solutions serves every NFL team and more than half of NCAA Div. I football teams.

“As part of celebrating 15 years of delivering leading PTZ camera solutions to developers, we are celebrating the partnerships that feed our success,” said Don Lenihan, national sales manager of professional imaging for Panasonic Connect North America.

Panasonic Connect North America is celebrating 15 years of developing and manufacturing quality professional PTZ cameras for a variety of industries. Wes Carr, territory sales manager, and Don Lenihan, national sales manager of professional imaging, of Panasonic Connect traveled to Titusville to present the award on March 19.

About 8K Solutions
8K Solutions offers unparalleled experience in athletic coaching video, with staff who have worked with college and professional teams for more than 30 years. Every NFL team and half of NCAA Div. I football teams rely on 8K Solutions technology to optimize every practice opportunity for coaches and athletes. The company’s signature product, mastRcam, eliminates the safety challenges of construction lifts for capturing practice footage. 8K Solutions serves teams across the country from its headquarters in Titusville, Fla.

About Panasonic Connect
Panasonic Connect is an industry leader in Audio Visual Technology Solutions, assisting professionals to deliver world-class immersive entertainment experiences. Our customers are diverse, from sports & entertainment venues to theme parks and museums, from educational institutions and houses of worship to television networks and stations, filmmakers and production facilities. To learn more visit: https://na.panasonic.com/us/audio-video-solutions

Wes Carr of Panasonic, Dan Aton of 8K Solutions, and Pat Lenihan of Panasolic stand in front of a digital screen with the 8K Solutions logo. Dan is holding the Golden PTZ Award presented to 8K Solutions for innovation using Panasonic pan-tilt-zoom cameras.

Panasonic Connect Presents 8K Solutions with Golden PTZ

Wes Carr (left) and Tom Lenihan (right) of Panasonic Connect North America present a Golden PTZ Award to 8K Solutions Founder and CEO Dan Aton (center).