Walk Through Wall

20x more reps than a traditional walk through

Make Your Meetings Lifesize

Walk Through Wall makes it easy for coaches and players to walk through an entire game plan. With the lifesize image, players can interact with their opponent, getting a feel for spacing and learning coverage tendencies.


Each Walk Through Wall system is built by 8K Solutions, customized to the facility. It can project up to 40′ wide and 9′ tall, but projection ratios can be adjusted based on space available. All software and hardware are compatible with existing coaching video and projection systems.


You can choose the camera angle, the speed, the perspective for each play. Adjust the line of scrimmage for offensive and defensive perspectives. It is the ultimate in coaching flexibility.


Because Walk Through Wall is customized to each facility and team, and is compatible with all existing coaching video software, it is easy to use. Coaches can simply connect via HDMI cable and teach.

Walk Through Wall Customers

Key Features + Benefits


  • Floor- or ceiling-mounted laser projectors.
  • Adjust the line of scrimmage for defense and offense.
  • Adjust from any camera angle.
  • 8K Solutions WTW server.
  • HDMI input from coach’s laptop.
  • Compatible with all software packages.
  • Complete system: projectors, software, installation and support.


  • Put your players into the game with lifesize projection.
  • Projects from any video or computer screen.
  • 40:9 aspect ratio for ultrawide projection. Or switch between ultrawide, standard or custom projections.
  • Fully compatible with all coaching systems.
  • Completely customized to your facility.

Simple Walk Through Wall Operation

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