Camera Solutions

8K Solutions offers a variety of camera technology, all of which integrates with the most widely used sports coaching technology and software available.

  • The mastRcam family offers a variety of mobile or fixed remote-control camera options.
  • SmartField adds centralized command to your video operation, integrating all camera locations with the opportunity for immediate editing.
  • Keep your video staff safely on the ground.

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

Vince Lombardi

Hall of Fame NFL Coach

Close up of a mastRcam, featuring the 8K Solutions logo, with the Buccaneers practice facility in the background.

Capture quality high-angle video while safely grounded. This mobile camera and control system offers options for any budget.

The Miami Dolphins' video control room, an 8K Solutions SmartField product. Features standing desks with hi-def video screens and video editing keyboard.

Consolidate all video capture operations — from one facility or several — into one convenient command-and-control center.