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mastRcam on an NFL field

“Working with 8K Solutions has been awesome! We had a problem and they came up with a solution.”

Matt Harper, Director of Coaching Technology, Michigan State University Football
New England Patriots

“Sometimes you would have trouble getting multiple good camera angles with a lift compared to what you can get with a mastRcam. It has tremendous range and great flexibility. . . If you have to bring the mastRcam down, you can just push it. It’s a great product for us.”

Jimmy Dee, Video Coordinator, New England Patriots.
Kansas City Chiefs

“We did our research to make sure that the quality of the video was as good as the old platforms with the handheld cameras and ultimately made the decision that it was a great addition. It adds to the safety of our video crew, and that was really what it was about, the safety of those guys.”

Clark Hunt, Chairman & CEO, Kansas City Chiefs

“Now that we have 8K [Solutions] cameras, all of our practice safety concerns have been greatly minimized.”

Darby Dunnagan, Director of Player Development and Fmr. Director of Video Operations, Northwestern University Football


Since 2010, 8K Solutions has helped legendary teams reach peak potential.

28 NFL teams use 8K Solutions coaching and camera systems.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Top college teams trust 8K Solutions to improve with every practice.

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