Lyvve Coach

Real-Time Replay

Lyvve Coach provides instant feedback to coaches and players by replaying each play instantly on large, bright screens located at the edge of the practice field. Coaches may also take control of the displays using our remote control and our tablet interfaces to illustrate teaching points.


Each play is automatically created and “loops” until the next play is executed.


At any time, coach or video staff can take control of the screen to pause, rewind, play in slow-motion, or review each play.


Lyvve Coach is the most versatile and engaging piece of technology your organization will ever own. Use it for real-time instant replay in practice, as a portable classroom, or as a mobile entertainment center.

Teams Trust Lyvve Coach

Screen capture of a post of X by Ole Miss Football Coach Lane Kiffin that read," @Appreciate @8Ksolutions for providing us with 2 video boards! Complete game changer for our coaches during practice #ProMindset". This picture shows two Lyvve Coach boards set up at a team practice.

Key Features + Benefits

Lyvve Coach Case

Instant Feedback

  • Turn the field into a meeting room.
  • Real-time instant replay.
  • Additional uses for team events.
8K Solutions Lyvve Coach

Superior Display Technology

  • 12-foot by 7-foot display.
  • 5,000 NIT LED technology is extremely bright, in all weather conditions.
  • Tight 3.9 mm pitch LEDs provide clear image from any source.
  • Fully outdoor-rated for all weather conditions.

Easy Setup

  • Simple setup and easy to use.
  • Easily towable with an ATV.
  • Screen raises to 8-feet tall with the push of a button.
  • Rotates 360-degrees for optimum visibility.