3D Playbook

Teach your playbook the way players see the game.

3D Playbook by 8K Solutions is the next generation of playbook – taking the Xs and Os off the page and bringing them to life for your players.

Efficient Walk-Throughs

Side-of-ball, small groups, or individual players can walk through dozens of looks in minutes.

Leveraging NGS and Sportlogiq Player Tracking Auto-Generates Actual 3D Plays

No re-drawing. 10s of thousands of plays in the 3D Playbook library.


Using 8K Solutions 3D Playbook to teach alignment and assignment

Effectively teach alignment and assignment

  • Create walk-throughs in minutes!
  • Show every offensive formation, shift, and motion possible from any angle.
  • Show every defensive front, stunt, pressure, and coverage from any angle.

View plays how you want.

  • Show any play at any angle with any attributes.
  • Make it lifesize with 8K Solutions Walk Through Wall.
  • Use as a video clip in XOs, DVSport, and PowerPoint.
Coaches can set a number of parameters for any play when using 8K Solutions 3D Playbook.

Creation, automation, security.

  • Leverage NFL NGS and NCAA SportsLogiq data to automatically draw plays.
  • Modify and save any play.
  • Create any play from scratch.
  • Your playbook hosted on site.