Looking over the shoulder of a coach customizing formations using 3D Playbook on a laptop to see the animated formation on a lifesize Walk Through Wall. The formation appears as Xs, Os, lines, and arrows on the computer game, but a motion animation on the lifesize screen

Using 3D Playbook

Coaches can adjust personnel, pre-snap motion, and many other details while building their custom 3D Playbook playlist. The playlist can be played at any speed so that players get more reps while engaging in kinesthetic learning.

The formation screen in 3D Playbook allows a coach to change and customize details of each play, including pre-snap motions. On the set-up screen, individuals show up at Xs for defense and Os for offense. Lines show their motion.

Using 3D Playbook formation screen to customize

3D Playbook takes coaches and football players beyond video with play customization. Optimize practice time by increasing reps without risking injury.

May 20, 2024 — TITUSVILLE, Fla. — 8K Solutions 3D Playbook is now available to help athletes gain more reps, keep backup players ready for any game situation, and allow coaches to matchup against any opponent in a matter of minutes. 3D Playbook takes coaches and players beyond video to insert them into any situation.

“Once you’re in 3D Playbook, you can customize virtually any element of a game including personnel, pre-game shifts, and much more,” said Bob White, president and chief revenue officer of 8K Solutions.

“Unlike video, players can work through each play from various perspectives and speeds for more reps each week.”

White said 3D Playbook, especially when paired with Walk Through Wall by 8K Solutions, optimizes practice opportunities for every player and position group.

“3D Playbook helps every player see opponents from multiple perspectives which cannot be found on traditional game footage. It can help new arrivals get up to speed quicker and prepares backup players for any game situation.”

In addition to broad customization abilities, 3D Playbook is an effective coaching tool because of its smooth graphics. Typically, data-based movements can be bouncy as they transition between points. 8K Solutions built a proprietary graphics conversion engine that smooths movement and allows for changes in speed.

The technology has been beta-tested by several NFL and NCAA Div. I football teams. User feedback confirms its power.

“3D Playbook is the best way to teach pre-snap alignment and assignment, hands down,” said a Power 4 defensive coach.

Others noted it’s ease-of-use.

“We were able to jump right in and use 3D Playbook immediately. It’s a valuable tool,” said an NFL coach.

3D Playbook license purchase includes ongoing 8K Solutions support and updates. To learn more about 3D Playbook, visit 8ksolutions.com/3DPlaybook.

About 8K Solutions

8K Solutions offers unparalleled experience in athletic coaching video, with staff who have worked with college and professional teams for 30 years. Every NFL team and half of NCAA Div. I football teams rely on 8K Solutions technology to optimize every practice opportunity. The company’s signature product, mastRcam, eliminates safety challenges of using construction lifts for capturing practice footage. Celebrating its tenth year in business, 8K Solutions serves teams across the country from its headquarters in Titusville, Fla., the heart of Florida’s Space Coast.

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