[Front Office Sports] “The New England Patriots Trust 8K Solutions’ mastRcam to Safely Film Practices”

(8K Solutions is a proud partner of Front Office Sports)

For football coaches and administrators, filming practice is a necessity in order to help their team improve. For many years, however, this was not the easiest or safest process.

In those days, a video coordinator or student intern would be positioned at the top of a scissor lift, or some other high structure, with a camera. This put the camera operator at risk of serious injury or death should they fall off or have an encounter with the elements, such as high wind, extreme heat or cold, or lightning.

Thankfully, 8K Solutions presented an answer to this problem with the introduction of the mastRcam four years ago. The mastRcam is 8K Solutions’ line of cameras that are able to film from tall heights while being operated by a person safely on the ground. Twenty-six of the NFL’s 32 teams (as well as 27 NCAA programs) utilize some version of the mastRcam, including both teams playing in this Sunday’s Super Bowl: the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots.